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Understanding a Breast Pump

The main purpose of a breast pump is to collect your milk and maintain your milk supply for when you and your baby are not together.

Choosing a breast pump comes down to three main aspects: your lifestyle, your needs, and your preferences.

Let Cimilre break these aspects down and help guide you through this decision!

Parts of a Pump

First, it is important to learn about the different parts of your breast pump and the role each plays during your pumping sessions.


Breast Shields

Cone-shaped cup that fits over your nipples and areolas to create a seal (also known as flanges). Most breast shields come in standard 24-millimeter size, but other sizes are available. It is important to get the correct size flange for optimal suction and comfort!

Backflow Protector & Valve

Backflow Protector

Small, flexible plastic pieces that aid in the suction and create a vacuum seal while pumping. This pulls the nipples, stimulating lactation. The backflow protector also stops expressed milk from flowing back into the pump mechanism. This is referred to as a closed system.


Connects the pump motor to the collection kit. Please note that the only thing that should go through your tubing is air.

Collection Containers

Bottles or storage bags that directly attach to the pump to collect the expressed milk. Not all collection containers are compatible with all pumps, so check with the manufacturer. Some companies make bottle adapters in order to collect milk in different bottle sizes.

Pump Motor

The main “control system” that creates the suction that draws out your milk. Some pumps, like Cimilre, have a massage mode to mimic the suckling of a baby and initiate a faster letdown. The expression mode is adjustable to control the intensity and rate at which the pump sucks and releases into the collection container.

Power Source

All electric pumps run on a power cord, a battery, or both. Length of power cord varies on pump models. Car adapters are available with Cimilre pumps as well.


Features to Consider


Pump weight, size, and power source options all contribute to a pump’s portability. Planning to carry the pump back-and-forth to work? Light-weight pumps make portability more convenient.


Some warranties cover a length of time, a certain number of hours, or both. You can expect a two-year warranty with Cimilre breast pumps.

Extra Parts/Accessories

Over time, or after frequent pumping, you may need replacement or spare pumping parts. It is important to easily obtain these replacement or spare parts for your pump.

Other Features

LCD digital display allows you to see the suction/cycle settings, timer, and/or length of pumping session in the dark.  Other features such as a night light make pumping in dark rooms, such as a nursery, convenient.  Additionally, a quiet pump provides for discreetness while pumping.

Visit our FAQ page for answers to other common pump questions.

Now that you have learned the anatomy of a breast pump and the important features to consider, are you ready to order yours?

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