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S5+ Breast Pump
S5+ Breast Pump
S5+ Breast Pump
S5+ Breast Pump
S5+ Breast Pump
S5+ Breast Pump
S5+ Breast Pump
S5+ Breast Pump

S5+ Breast Pump


Get the S5+ through insurance 

Enjoy pumping sessions tailored for your comfort with the advanced dual-motor technology of the portable and lightweight Cimilre S5+ double electric breast pump. With dual-motor technology, you can customize and control the suction for each breast independently, without losing suction strength while double pumping. With options to adjust the suction strength in Massage or Expression mode on each side independently, or use sync mode for simultaneous control, you can comfortably and effectively empty your breasts and optimize milk output. With its compact design and built-in rechargeable battery, the S5+ provides the freedom to pump wherever you choose. Additionally, the S5+ pump can be personalized with a pump skin!

Until now, most breast pumps have come in a single color without a pattern. What fun is that? Celebrate your personal style with a pump skin for your S5+ pump!


Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Single or double pumping capability

Dual-motor technology for independent control over each breast

Sync mode to control both pump motors simultaneously

Massage and Expression modes

Adjustable suction strengths on Massage Mode: levels 1-5

Adjustable suction strengths on Expression Mode: levels 6-12

Hospital strength suction up to 295 mmHg

Ability to start or stop/pause each side during pumping session

Quiet motor: less than 45 dB

Closed system

Backlit LCD screen with timer display

30-minute auto shutoff timer

Lightweight at 0.9 lbs.

Two- (2) year warranty on pump motor

Ability to personalize with pump skins (sold separately)

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